GreenCruzer Electric Boats Using Bayliner’s Cutting Edge Technology

Boat with no limits, and protect the environment! The GreenCruzer electric boat line uses the best of Bayliner’s cutting edge technology. You can now enjoy exceptional boating on all lakes and rivers.


Thanks to their special hull structure the performance, characteristics and stability of GreenCruzer boats are excellent. This makes driving them exceptionally easy. Charging them is quick, the system is controlled by a state-of-the-art onboard computer, which guarantees optimized power consumption and economical operation.

EcoGlass Hull Technology

Element SportSafety is the utmost priority with the construction of GreenCruzer boats. The fiberglass hulls are built on precision robotic lines, the low-drag, perfectly flow-optimzed hulls can withstand even open seas.

GreenCruzer’s Bayliner hulls and the electric propulsion system are optimally harmonized to provide the most economical power consumption in all speed ranges. The steering system and transmission have specifically been designed for electric boats, and provide extraordinary maneuverability and handling.

Designed to Withstand Extreme Strain

Optimal Handling Characteristics

Low Drag, Energy-saving Flow Specs

Reduced, Optimized Hull Weight

Easy Driving, Excellent Manueverability

Electronic control systems and propulsion

elektronikusThe electronics of GreenCruzer boats are fully computer-controlled systems, requiring no maintenance. The onboard computer optimizes the power consumption of the boat’s systems, it accurately calculates the remainingoperational range and time.

The batteries of the boat can be charged from the shore main grid with the built-in special adapter. The optional GC Solar System can charge your boat while anchored or even during operation. Using GreenCruzer electric boats means conscientiously protecting the environment. Operating these boats produces no harmful waste whatsoever.

Innovation and the Most Modern Technology

Perfectly Quiet Boating Experience Without Stress

A Clean Driving Experience on Clean Lakes and Protected Waters

100% Exhaust- and Oil-Free Technology