Learn More about the Science behind Electric Boating

How are GreenCruzer electric boats charged?

The boat’s batteries can be charged from the main grid with the in-built battery charger. The optional GC Solar System can charge the batteries during operation or while docked as well.

Can the battery be depleted while boating, what happens, and what is there to do, how can this be avoided?

All GreenCruzer boats come with an intelligent on-board computer, which indicates the charge level of the batteries, as well as how long the batteries can support the engine with electricity with the present level of operation. Thus the premature depletion of the batteries can be prevented, and the port can be reached in time if you monitor the indications of the instruments. Additionally, a supllementary combustion engine can guarantee reaching the port safely, in the unlikely case you failed to note the indications, or for any reason the batteries went flat prematurely.

What maintenance do GreenCruzer electric boats require?

GreenCruzer boats require basically no maintenance beyond the general requirements of boats. The electric propulsion and batteries are maintenance-free. As all boats, GreenCruzer electric boats require general maintenance, winterization at the end of the boating season, and preparation for launching at the beginning of the new.

What costs does the operation of a GreenCruzer electric boat involve?

A GreenCruzer electric boat is the perfect choice regarding operational costs as well. It is important, that in most countries this eco-friendly boat is absolutely tax-free. Because of the electric propulsion maintenance and winterization basically mean cleaning, general care and trickle-charging batteries. Since it uses no fossil fuels, operating it is practically cost-free.

Is it really cheaper to operate a GreenCruzer than a boat with a gasoline or Diesel engine?

Yes, because of their propulsion the operating cost of GreenCruzer electric boats is a lot more favorable than those of gasoline or Diesel-powered boats of similar category. Charging while docked is usually free, or is included in the port costs.

How often do I need to replace the batteries of an electric boat?

The batteries of GreenCruzer electric boats are manifactured with state-of-the-art technology, and are maintenance-free. If you follow our recommendations about charging methods, the lifetime of batteries can be exceptionally long.

Can I only have an electric boat serviced and maintained in a specialized repair shop?

Becaused of the special structure of the electric propulsion and electronic system, it is strongly recommended to always have your GreenCruzer electric boat serviced with approved partners.

Is there a hotline for technical and maintenance support?

Yes, our support line is available for all GreenCruzer electric boat owners. You can have your questions answered regarding the operation and maintenance of the boat.

Does the electric propulsion present any hazards? What do we need to watch out for?

To assure the utmost safety GreenCruzer boats operate low voltage electric systems, which present no hazard to users. The charging of the boats happens from the shore main grid. Even during this time only the custom-designed battery charger is electrified, and general rules concerning connected electric devices apply. During the charging period practice care with the devices plugged in the boat’s internal electric system.

What licence and training do I need for driving a GreenCruzer electric boat?

During the design of GreenCruzer boats three principles are followed: besides Safety and Eco-Friendliness the other main design objective is the ultimate simplification of the operation of the boat. It’s GreenCruzer’s intent to simplify the drivability and handling of their ships as much as possible, to make the experience of boating available and enjoyable to everyone. To operate these boats you need basic boating and boat safety skills. Some GreenCruzer models in most countries require no boating permit, the larger models require a basic boat-driving permit.

Where can I use a GreenCruzer electric boat?

GreenCruzer electric boats were designed with lakes and still waters in mind. The electric propulsion, the 100% pollution-free and almost completely silent operation allows GreenCruzers to access protected waters where combustion engine boats are banned.

GreenCruzer Hotline:

+36 70 4 500 900


Using GreenCruzer electric boats means protecting the environment. Operating these boats produces no harmful waste whatsoever. Charging with the optional GC Solar System can make even the energy consumption of the boat fully renewable.

High Quality

At GreenCruzer quality is our motto. This means your own GreenCruzer will have been rigorously tested, and meets the highest quality requirements.


Safety is the utmost priority with the construction of GreenCruzer boats. The fiberglass hulls are built on precision robotic lines, their design and strength can withstand the roughest seas. The electric systems were designed for coping with extraordinary maritime conditions.


Your trust in the excellent quality of GreenCruzer electric boats is supported by a five-year hull and deck warranty, and a two-year warranty on engine and parts. Warranty on the propulsion batteries is covered by the manifacturers of the batteries.


Your GreenCruzer boat will recieve excellent service in our repair shops. We know your boat better than anyone, and guarantee it will operate as intended.