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GreenCruzer electric boat
Eco-friendly boating without compromise

GreenCruzer Hotline:

+36 70 4 500 900


Let Bayliner’s smallest electric model charm you and your family. This family-friendly and safe model has a breathtaking look and spacious interior.


GreenCruzer E-6 is the next step in the evolution of the Element series. It revolutionizes the marine experience with its great deck capacity. With its sophisticated electronically controlled propulsion and trimaran hull it guarantees economical and safe boating.


As already seen from the VR series, with its BeamForward™ design the hull boasts a surprising amount of useful space. The retracted swimming platform increases the useful area in the back even further, and the seats can be combined with great variability.


GreenCruzer E-VR6 is the largest bowrider model of the electric series. This boat maximizes spaciousness. It even boasts a changing room with an optional chemical toilet and an aft-facing row of seats. Filler cushions can turn the area into a comfortable lounge.


The introduction of the E-742 CU cabin version made the biggest impact in the past few years. Its exclusive interior makes boating a luxurious experience, its spacious cabin making long excursions comfortable as well as exciting.


GreenCruzer E-842 is the flagship of the Bayliner electric series. The boat can safely carry 8 people, provides comfortable sleeping places for 4+2 in its cabin. The cabin has ample sunlight from the windows running all the way on the sides. It boasts a standing bathroom with a toilet, hot showers and ample storage space.

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GreenCruzer Hotline:

+36 70 4 500 900

Element Sport

GreenCruzer hulls are designed with the utmost emphasis on safety, and are built with state-of-the-art automated technology. The fiberglass hulls have reduced drag, perfected flow characteristics, and can withstand usage even from open seas.


The electronics of GreenCruzer boats are fully computer-controlled systems, requiring no maintenance. The onboard computer optimizes the power consumption of the boat’s systems, it accurately calculates the operational range and time.


Using GreenCruzer electric boats means protecting the environment. Operating these boats produces no harmful waste whatsoever. Charging with the optional GC Solar System can make even the energy consumption of the boat fully renewable.

High Quality

At GreenCruzer quality is our motto. This means your own GreenCruzer will have been rigorously tested, and meets the highest quality requirements.


Safety is the utmost priority with the construction of GreenCruzer boats. The fiberglass hulls are built on precision robotic lines, their design and strength can withstand the roughest seas. The electric systems were designed for coping with extraordinary maritime conditions.


Your trust in the excellent quality of GreenCruzer electric boats is supported by a five-year hull and deck warranty, and a two-year warranty on engine and parts. Warranty on the propulsion batteries is covered by the manifacturers of the batteries.


Your GreenCruzer boat will recieve excellent service in our repair shops. We know your boat better than anyone, and guarantee it will operate as intended.